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Granting Wishes Is So Much More Than The Wish Itself

Many seniors face loneliness and isolation every day. Through granting wishes, WAY’s broader narrative is to highlight each wish story we grant publicly so that we can begin to shift how seniors are viewed and valued. We encourage you to utilize your network to spread the word, and/or consider sharing one of our inspiring wish stories within your community today.

Betty Cochrane, 92

With her family watching from the ground below, Betty jumped 10,000 feet out of a plane and crossed off the last thing on her bucket list.

Mary MacNeil, 90

Mary is full of wonder and is a firm believer in learning as much as possible about the world around you so, when Mary found out she would have the opportunity to fulfill a wish to get up in a helicopter and take in the beautiful scenery of the Cape Breton Highlands, she was thrilled!

Lorriane Allen, 79

After many years of dreaming that maybe someday she might get the opportunity to see the Gaither’s play, Lorraine’s dream finally came true when she had the great opportunity to attend the Gaither Homecoming Alaska Cruise where she was able to experience a lot of “firsts”.

Joan Sandever, 82

Joan has always dreamed of flying in a helicopter over the Liscomb area of Nova Scotia, and is something she spoke of quite often to her family, never believing she would ever have the opportunity to ride in one.

Paul Dent

Not only did Paul get up close to a helicopter one more time, he was given the gift of flight again!

Rodney Stark, 75

Not only did Rodney finally see a helicopter for the first time up close, he got to fly in one!

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