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Granting Wishes Is So Much More Than The Wish Itself

Through granting wishes, WAY’s broader narrative is to highlight each wish story we grant publicly so that we can begin to positively shift how seniors are viewed, valued and supported. We encourage you to utilize your network to spread the word, and/or consider sharing one of our inspiring wish stories within your community today.

Clinton (Buddy) Murray, 83

In the depths of his sorrow, 83-year-old Buddy Murray's lifelong dream came true. At a live NHL game, he watched his beloved Montreal Canadiens face off against Sidney Crosby, his hockey idol, alongside his grandson. The experience ignited a joy in Buddy, a lifelong fan, that hadn't been felt in ages.

Linda Mulock, 70

Linda's dreams often took a backseat to her selflessness. A wish to witness a Broadway play in New York City remained quietly tucked away, a desire she rarely shared, not wanting pity for unfulfilled dreams. Now, because of our incredible community, Linda's unspoken yearning came to life and she was able to receive the full Broadway experience that led her to the main stage of Wicked where she graced the stage alongside their cast. Linda's eyes filled with tears, not of sorrow, but of overwhelming gratitude, as the spotlight finally turned to illuminate a woman whose selfless endeavours have made her a beacon of inspiration in her community and beyond.

Melanie Elliott, 76

Melanie Elliott, 76, has had a lifelong dream to soar through the silent skies over the Annapolis Valley, where her family's roots run deep. With the help of Vision Air Services Inc., we were able to bring Melanie's dream to fly over her family's homestead to life, and what a special moment it was. Melanie left this experience closer to family and friends, and with a bright view of her future. She stated that "it truly lifted me up and provided me great insight to this new world around me and with an increased sense of confidence that I can move ahead with a more active and enriched future.”

Michael Williams, 80

Meet wish recipient Michael, 80 years young who was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Michael's father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all very involved with Sable Island during their careers with the Coast Guard. They worked for the department of transport where most of his family were sea captains. Primarily they would deliver supplies to those living on the island, unloading the boats on the sand, those on the island would take possession, and then they would head back to the mainland. It has remained his steadfast dream of his to visit the island and witness its operations, see the lighthouses, the horses, and of course, take in the beauty of a place that carries so much family history!

Bernard Forsythe, 83

Bernard, 83, was born and raised in Nova Scotia. Having worked in nature his entire life, he has discovered rare plants never known to Nova Scotia and has banded over 800 Barred Owls. He did this in his spare time while raising 3 children alongside his late wife, and working full-time as a contractor with no vacation. Bernard devotes his time tirelessly to others, Specifically, he helped many Acadia students with their studies throughout the years. Throughout it all, he’s never asked for anything in return and always carries a smile on his face. Bernard’s lifelong dream has always been to visit Sable Island. A true lifelong wish, Bernard happily danced through the beaches of Sable Island, climbing every sand dune he could find to get a better view of the birds through his binoculars.

Kate MacMillan, 78

Kate MacMillan is 78 years young and loves where she lives with all her heart. Growing up as one of five siblings with four brothers, she later raised five children and joyfully welcomed four grandchildren. Her life has been defined by caring for her family and those around her, and despite facing heartbreaking challenges —losing both her husband and son—Kate's enduring spirit reflects her resilience and strength. Nominated by her daughter Andrea, Kate has held a longtime dream of flying over western Cape Breton to witness the Celtic colours of her homeland from a perspective she had only imagined. Having always admired the helicopters she’d seen flying overhead her entire life, she hoped to one day see the landscape’s beauty from the sky for herself. This was something she never believed would have ever come true… until it finally did!

Marlene Tucker, 76

Marlene is 76 years young and resides in New Minas, Nova Scotia. She's an avid fan of Chad Hiltz from the TV show 'Bad Chad' on the Discovery Channel. Chad actually lives in Marlene's community, and every passing encounter leaves her wondering about his current projects and what he could possibly be working on right now. With limited time on her side due to heart failure, Marlene's dream of meeting Chad, and having the opportunity to see his garage and what he might be working on, has finally come true thanks to the crew at Bad Chad Customs!

Veronica Murray, 93

Veronica, 93 years young, has faced numerous challenges throughout her life. In 1965, she tragically lost her husband to a massive heart attack when they were in the midst of building their home. Left without running water, electricity, and an indoor bathroom, Veronica displayed immense resilience and determination while single-handedly raising two young children on a modest income. Throughout her journey as a single mother, she exuded grace, positivity, and an unwavering willingness to help others. Since the beginning of his career, Veronica cheered Sidney on from the comfort of her home, praying his team would win as she excitedly watched the game from start to finish. Her dream having always been to meet Sidney one day and watch him play live, something she feels she has limited time to achieve given her age.

Connie Britt, 74

Meet Connie, our very first wish recipient who resides outside of Nova Scotia in Saint John, New Brunswick. At 74 years young, one thing is for certain: she has never stopped serving the people she loves. Raised in a small town, Connie grew up climbing trees, playing softball and catching baseball games on TV. As a mother of three, she put herself through nursing school while raising three children on her own, and single-handedly supported her family as a nurse for more than 30 years. Today, she continues to serve her community as a personal support worker. Her daughter Donna believes a chance to see the Blue Jays in action could be the best thing that could ever happen for her. “I think it would put a spring back in her step.” And that it did!

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