Kate MacMillan, 78

Kate MacMillan is 78 years young and loves where she lives with all her heart.

Growing up as one of five siblings with four brothers, she later raised five children and joyfully welcomed four grandchildren. Her life has been defined by caring for her family and those around her, and despite facing heartbreaking challenges —losing both her husband and son—Kate’s enduring spirit reflects her resilience and strength.

Nominated by her daughter Andrea, Kate has held a longtime dream of flying over western Cape Breton to witness the Celtic colours of her homeland from a perspective she had only imagined. Having always admired the helicopters she’d seen flying overhead her entire life, she hoped to one day see the landscape’s beauty from the sky for herself. This was something she never believed would have ever come true… until it finally did!

Thanks to our friends at Vision Air, Kate received the royal treatment. Landing on the property she cherishes, she experienced the trip of a lifetime. For someone who had devoted much of her life to caring for others, rarely taking time for herself, this was a moment we were so happy to be part of.

Special ThanksVision Air Services Inc

Photography – Steph McNamara Photography