It Started With An Act of Kindness

In 2014, Katie Mahoney was nominated to do an act of kindness for someone in her community. For her act of kindness, she chose to spend time with 79-year-old Eleanor; as her zest for life and philanthropic character was intriguing to Katie. After spending quality time with one another, Katie learned about the hardships Eleanor endured, the sacrifices she made, and the loneliness she held. She admired the strength Eleanor had to persevere through it all. Katie had an overwhelming sense that this day meant the world to Eleanor and that what we choose to do for others can have the biggest impact on not only their lives, but ours as well. When Katie got home after her day with Eleanor, she began to reflect on her own life, the countless experiences she had in her short 22 years of life, and asked herself “With the many sacrifices our seniors have had to make in their lifetime, putting the needs of others before their own, how many of them missed out on their own dreams? Dreams that may seem out of reach, but they still hold onto and would like to see fulfilled?” It turns out there are many. Shortly thereafter, in 2015, Katie was lucky to have crossed paths with Co-Founder Cara Chisholm, and the two young millennials quickly realized that they both shared a passion to help as many seniors as possible. Cara and Katie knew that the success of We Are Young (WAY) would come from building a team of different generations who were just as passionate to change the way we view , value and support aging. Today, WAY prides itself in having a dedicated team that has supported this organization since 2015.

Our Mission

Through granting wishes, our mission is to raise social awareness around the inequalities seniors face, encourage respect for and appreciation of seniors, and facilitate inter-generational connection where our seniors experience inclusion and belonging in their communities.