Marlene Tucker, 76

Marlene is 76 years young and resides in New Minas, Nova Scotia. She’s an avid fan of Chad Hiltz from the TV show ‘Bad Chad’ on the Discovery Channel. In the last year, Marlene survived heart attacks and a hip-breaking fall, which nearly cost her life. During her recovery, her grandson introduced her to the Discovery Channel, sparking her interest in the show.

Despite not being a regular TV viewer, Marlene thoroughly enjoys watching ‘Bad Chad’ with her grandson. Marlene spent many years of her life surrounded by cars as her husband use to race cars, and with his friends would build roadsters and detail them. The show holds special significance for her, lifting her spirits during a dark time and bringing back happy memories of her late husband whom she lost 21 years ago.

Chad actually lives in Marlene’s community, and every passing encounter leaves her wondering about his current projects and what he could possibly be working on right now. With limited time on her side due to heart failure, Marlene’s dream of meeting Chad, and having the opportunity to see his garage and what he might be working on, has finally come true thanks to the crew at Bad Chad Customs.

Special ThanksChad Hiltz

Photography – Kelsi Captures

Videography – Alka Film