Veronica Murray, 93

Veronica Murray is from Nova Scotia and recently celebrated her 93rd birthday, with friends, family, and good music. She loves to dance, play bingo, and watch her beloved Sidney Crosby play hockey on television.

Veronica has faced numerous challenges throughout her life. In 1965, she tragically lost her husband to a massive heart attack when they were in the midst of building their home. Left without running water, electricity, and an indoor bathroom, Veronica displayed immense resilience and determination while single-handedly raising two young children on a modest income of $70 a month. Throughout her journey as a single mother, she exuded grace, positivity, and an unwavering willingness to help others.

Since the beginning of his career, Veronica cheered Sidney on from the comfort of her home, praying his team would win as she excitedly watched the game from start to finish. Her dream having always been to meet Sidney one day and watch him play live, something she feels she has limited time to achieve given her age.

Although she was well acquainted with Sidney’s late grandmother, who happened to be her good friend and neighbour, Veronica was too humble to ask for a personal meeting. Over the years, she has been collecting photographs and memorabilia of Sidney, proudly displaying images throughout her home and was even given his end of year stats card one year which she thoroughly cherishes. Veronica mentioned that on a few occasions Sidney’s grandmother sent him up to her apartment over the years, but unfortunately she missed those opportunities because she was out, only making her wish to meet him that much stronger.

Not only did Veronica get a personal meet and greet with Sid, but she finally got to sit in the stands and watch her hockey hero play live during the pre-season NHL game in Nova Scotia, Penguins vs. Senators.

Special Thanks – To our amazing community for having this special wish come to life! ❤️
Video Credit – Three Six Five (coming soon)

Photography – Steph McNamara Photography