Our Holiday Happiness Card Campaign!

What is our Holiday Happiness Card Campaign? Each year, we partnered with our friends at Halifax Paper Hearts for our annual Holiday Happiness Card Campaign! For every purchased card,  our dedicated volunteers will handwrite in them and they then are dispatched to anonymous seniors throughout Atlantic Canada. We collaborate with our trusted community partners to ensure that these cards reach seniors who need them the most. While the holiday season is a time of celebration, it can also bring heightened feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially for seniors. Based on our experience, the impact of knowing that someone is thinking of them during this season is truly invaluable.

This year, we reached our goal and delivered 2,000 handwritten cards to seniors in our community all thanks to your incredible support!! There are not enough words to express our gratitude for each and everyone of you, and we are already looking forward to our 2024 campaign next year! Together, we will continue to build momentum, create change, and touch the lives of our seniors in as many ways as possible!

If you’re looking to support our organization in other ways until then, get in touch at info@weareyoung.ca.