Buddy Murray, 83

Meet Clinton Murray aka Buddy, and serves as a guiding light in the lives of his family and friends. His positive mindset, determination, and deep-rooted love for his wife led him to participate in two Boston Marathons while in his 50s, 5 Cabot Trail relays, and the Johnny Miles Marathon at the young age of 75. Despite being very active, a poignant chapter in Buddy’s life was marked by the recent passing of his beloved wife in October of 2022. Having dedicated the last two years to caring for her during a courageous battle with cancer, the void left behind weighs heavily on his heart. Now, amidst moments of sorrow and solitude, Buddy finds comfort in the recollections of joy shared with his wife—memories that will forever hold a special place in his heart.
Amid his deep sorrow and loss, a wish deeply rooted in Buddy’s lifelong love for hockey, and the Montreal Canadiens, has come true. This enduring passion was handed down from his father, and Buddy, a dedicated fan who has followed the game since the league comprised only six teams, had never witnessed an NHL game live.
A dream that has extended far beyond the roaring crowds and gleaming ice, Buddy finally got to experience a live NHL game alongside his grandson. He got to witness the team he grew up cheering for go head to head against Sidney Crosby, our beloved hometown hero and one of Buddy’s favourite hockey players; a magical encounter that sparked a joy in Buddy he hadn’t felt in quite some time.
Thanks to the Hewitt Family and the incredible community that supports our mission, Buddy created a cherished memory with his grandson, Noah, that stands as a testament to the enduring power of love, resilience, and the pursuit of cherished dreams.