Melanie Elliott, 76

Melanie Elliott, 76, has had a lifelong dream to soar through the silent skies over the Annapolis Valley, where her family’s roots run deep. A passionate explorer of her ancestors’ history, Melanie has traced their merchant sailing and aviation ventures in Nova Scotia, uncovering a rich tapestry of journeys and homesteads. This profound dedication came to light during a visit to the Nova Scotia Museum of History, where she unearthed the deed to her ancestor’s arrival in Nova Scotia in 1751. Overwhelmed with joy, tears streamed down her face as the significance of this discovery became apparent.
At 70 years old and wheelchair-dependent, Melanie embarked on a daring fundraising project, rappelling down a 28-story building to gain a clear perspective of her ancestors’ arrival in Halifax. The Nova Scotia History Museum presented her with the original deed, symbolizing the culmination of years of dedicated research. Melanie dreams of passing on this wealth of knowledge to future generations. Despite health challenges, including recent struggles, Melanie’s determination and improved well-being fuel her desire to fulfill these dreams and share her family’s legacy.
With the help of Vision Air Services Inc., we were able to bring Melanie’s dream to fly over her family’s homestead to life, and what a special moment it was. Melanie left this experience closer to family and friends, and with a bright view of her future. She stated that “it truly lifted me up and provided me great insight to this new world around me and with an increased sense of confidence that I can move ahead with a more active and enriched future.”
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Photography – Kelsi Captures Photography