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Granting Wishes Is So Much More Than The Wish Itself

Through granting wishes, WAY’s broader narrative is to highlight each wish story we grant publicly so that we can begin to positively shift how seniors are viewed, valued and supported. We encourage you to utilize your network to spread the word, and/or consider sharing one of our inspiring wish stories within your community today.

Isabel White, 84

Isabel, 84 years, from Nova Scotia is a beacon of resilience in her community. She’s recognized for her unwavering positivity and is a living testament to the strength of the human spirit. She proves that age is no match for her and she inspires all who know her. Since they started, Isabel has been a faithful Toronto Blue Jays fan. No matter how late it is, she never misses a game on TV (and has even been caught at 2 AM cheering them on). “Joe Carter was my boyfriend,” she tells us through a chuckle and explains that George Springer is her favorite player. Due to many varying circumstances, Isabel has never been able to watch a live ball game until now. We are incredibly happy to share that we were able to make Isabel’s wish come true!

Edith Taylor, 82

Edith Taylor, is 82 years young and has faced numerous hardships in her life, from raising five children to caring for others in need and serving as a primary caretaker for her husband and grandchildren. Despite her challenges, Edith has never complained, and continually wanting to do more for others. She's a spirited soul with a need for speed, yearning for adventure, like skydiving. Now, she's embracing the chance to do something for herself, and we were privileged to help make her dream of Skydiving come true!

Norma Kennedy, 81

Meet Norma, 81 years young. Being a woman who has always been so delighted by nature and being near the ocean, Norma’s life-long desire has been to visit Sable Island and see the wild horses that reside there. Norma and her late husband spent many years taking their fishing boat to the 100 Wild Islands near Clam Harbour on the Eastern Shore where they lived, always dreaming that if only they had a bigger boat they could get to Sable Island.

Kaye Moffatt, 94

Kaye, 94 years young, has always wished to go to Sable Island. Kaye was born and raised in Sydney River, on Cape Breton Island, and was the oldest of five sisters. She had a thirst for knowledge and possesses an insatiable curiosity and a profound appreciation for learning about Sable Island and its majestic horses. For her, the prospect of witnessing these creatures in their natural habitat is nothing short of a dream come true, and it would provide her with a profound sense of contentment and piece of mind seeing first hand up close how these wild horses are equipped to weather the storms that pass.

Gordon Henry Smith, 95

Gordon's dream for many years has been to ride in a helicopter and revisit the land he grew to love alongside his wife and children. To see the province he loves, from the sky, at 95 years young was an absolute dream come true for Gordon!

Rhoda Thorburn, 81

As a young girl, Rhoda would spend her time watching the trains pass by from the end of her driveway in pure fascination. She stated that she “always knew what time it was because the train would pass by [her] home at the same time every day.” Full of wonder and joy, Rhoda would dream about what it would be like to be a passenger on one of those trains. She wondered where they were travelling and what adventures they would experience. She dreamed that someday she would get the opportunity to travel by train and experience an adventure of her own. Never believing she would get the opportunity to do so.

Arthur Fleming, 70

Meet Arthur, from Trenton, Nova Scotia. Arthur is 70 years young and is a compassionate soul whose heart's desire is to reunite with his beloved family in Timmons, Ontario. Despite facing health challenges that impact his vision and heart, Arthur's strength and optimism always shine through. Family holds a special place in Arthur's life, especially his sons, and grandchildren, two of whom he’s never met.

Andrew (Andy) Sarka, 74

Andy has been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan his entire life. He would watch every game on television, dreaming of how incredible it would be to sit in the stands of the Scotiabank Arena cheering on his favorite team. He thought about how incredible it would be to witness the Leafs fan culture and atmosphere come to life with each goal or breakaway, never believing he would get the opportunity to see them play at this stage of his life.

Elise Richard, 79

Elise is a strong, spiritual woman with a big heart. Her wish was to meet Sammy, a well-known horse in Nova Scotia! She recently experienced tragic hardships, and expressed that meeting Sammy is just what she needs now in this moment in time to help her heal and move on. And that it did! Now Elise has a new four legged friend, and an open invitation to come back and visit Sammy!

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