Isabel White, 84

Isabel, 84 years, from Nova Scotia is a beacon of resilience in her community. She’s recognized for her unwavering positivity and is a living testament to the strength of the human spirit. She proves that age is no match for her and she inspires all who know her. As a mother of 7, Isabel is adored by all and is always the life of the party. From card parties and bingo, to dancing at the Legion, she always shows up for her community.

Over the past few years, Isabel has faced many challenges. From a broken pelvis to a triple bypass, she has survived many obstacles, yet, she’s remained resilient throughout. Her daughter Tammy captured Isabel’s spirit perfectly stating: “I am very proud of her because she doesn’t let anything get her down.”

Since she was a little girl, Isabel has been a faithful Toronto Blue Jays fan. No matter how late it is, she never misses a game on TV (and has even been caught at 2 AM cheering them on). “Joe Carter was my boyfriend,” she tells us through a chuckle and explains that George Springer is her favorite player.

Due to many varying circumstances, Isabel has never been able to watch a live ball game until now. We are incredibly happy to share that we were able to make Isabel’s wish come true!

Special Thanks – Atlantic School of Skydiving

Photography – Boxcar Media

Video CreditBoxcar Media