Connie Britt, 74

Meet Connie, our very first wish recipient who resides outside of Nova Scotia in Saint John, New Brunswick. At 74 years young, one thing is for certain: she has never stopped serving the people she loves.

Raised in a small town, Connie grew up climbing trees, playing softball and catching baseball games on TV. As a mother of three, she put herself through nursing school while raising three children on her own, and single-handedly supported her family as a nurse for more than 30 years. Today, she continues to serve her community as a personal support worker.

Known as the biggest Blue Jays and baseball fan in general, she never misses a game on TV. Growing up, her children could always trust that Connie would be there for them on the sidelines of their baseball games, cheering them on. She has shared with us that attending a game in real life has been a lifelong dream of hers. But as a single mother of three, she was never able to afford a trip to Toronto.

Her daughter Donna believes a chance to see the Blue Jays in action could be the best thing that could ever happen for her. “I think it would put a spring back in her step.” And that it did!

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Connie’s dream came true. In July, she made the big trip from New Brunswick to Ontario with her son Ken to watch a live baseball game.

Photography – Boxcar Media

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