Rhoda Thorburn, 81

Rhoda is 81 years young and the mother of three children. As a young girl, Rhoda would spend her time watching the trains pass by from the end of her driveway in pure fascination. She stated that she “always knew what time it was because the train would pass by [her] home at the same time every day.” Full of wonder and joy, Rhoda would dream about what it would be like to be a passenger on one of those trains. She wondered where they were travelling and what adventures they would experience. She dreamed that someday she would get the opportunity to travel by train and experience an adventure of her own. Never believing she would get the opportunity to do so.
A lover of the simple things in life, Rhoda has spent much of her time caring for others, never asking for, or expecting, anything in return. She worked hard to provide for her family over the years and now enjoys crafting and spending time with loved ones. After experiencing many health concerns, Rhoda’s daughter felt that it was her time to fulfill a lifelong dream before it was too late. Thanks to our supporters, Rhoda was able to fulfill her wish to go on a little adventure of her own, one she will never forget.
Special ThanksVia Rail, Delta Hotels by Marriott Beausejour and The Windjammer