Norma Kennedy, 81

Meet Norma, 81 years young, whose wish has always been to go to Sable Island. Norma was born and raised in Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia, losing her father when she was only 12 years of age. Only two years later, Norma had to leave her rural family home to seek work in the city of Halifax to help support her mom and little sister. At 16, Norma married and moved back to a rural community on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia where she raised 7 children and worked as a school bus driver for over 30 years.
Being a woman who has always been so delighted by nature and being near the ocean, Norma’s life-long desire has been to visit Sable Island and see the wild horses that reside there. Norma and her husband spent many years taking their fishing boat to the 100 Wild Islands near Clam Harbour on the Eastern Shore where they lived, always dreaming that if only they had a bigger boat they could get to Sable Island.
After 63 years of marriage, Norma lost the love of her life in 2020, leaving her to miss him dearly. The pair lived a life of adventure, always exploring nature and the world around them, with their children in tow. If they weren’t spending time on their boat, they would be exploring the woods, kayaking, picking berries, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature. Since the loss of her husband, Norma still remains a very active member of her community and offers volunteer support whenever she can. Her zest for life and positive attitude make her so inviting to talk to and the love she has for her family is vast. She is so proud to have, not only 7 children, but to have 18 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren in her life. She lives by the motto “the dishes can wait”, and thoroughly believes in spending quality time outdoors making memories with those you love.
Norma feels that this would be a lovely tribute to her late husband as they would be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary this spring. They spent 50 years of their lives dreaming of stepping foot on Sable Island.
Thanks to so many, we were able to make Norma’s wish finally come true!