Andrew (Andy) Sarka, 74

Andy has been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan his entire life. He would watch every game on television, dreaming of how incredible it would be to sit in the stands of the Scotiabank Arena cheering on his favorite team. He thought about how incredible it would be to witness the Leafs fan culture and atmosphere come to life with each goal or breakaway, never believing he would get the opportunity to see them play at this stage of his life.
After spending many years caring for his loving wife after she faced a paralyzing car accident, followed by a cancer diagnosis, Andy put every effort into raising their children and putting his dreams on hold to care for his family. During this difficult time in his life, Andy stayed grounded through his love for the game, continuing to cheer on his team proudly from his living room chair. Thanks to our incredible donors and supporters, Andy received the surprise of a lifetime when we told him he would get to fulfill his dream to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs live from the stands of the Scotiabank Arena with his son, Kyle, at his side.

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