Joan Sandever, 82

Joan Sandever, 82, always dreamed of flying in a helicopter over the Liscomb area of Nova Scotia, and is something she spoke of quite often to her family, never believing she would ever have the opportunity to ride in one.

Joan experienced many trials and tribulations in her lifetime, raising four wonderful children on her own along the way. Having undergone open heart by-pass surgery in 2019, she didn’t think she would be here today to experience the trip of a lifetime with her two sons by her side. Not only did Joan get to experience a helicopter ride over her hometown, but Vision Air gave her an extra special surprise by landing the helicopter on her family property where she was greeted by family and loved ones who were waiting to see her on the ground below.

Photo Credit – Marley Repchull

Video Credit – Alka Films

Special Thanks –  Vision Air Services Inc.