Lorriane Allen, 79

Lorraine Allen, 79, has never been on a cruise or plane, and always dreamed of having the opportunity to see Bill and Gloria Gaither on one of their annual trips. Lorraine listens to the Gaither’s music, along with many other Christian artists, on a regular basis. Music that has gotten her through many moments throughout her life, always bringing her great joy and peace.

After many years of dreaming that maybe someday she might get the opportunity to see the Gaither’s play, Lorraine’s dream finally came true when she had the great opportunity to attend the Gaither Homecoming Alaska Cruise where she was able to experience a lot of “firsts”. She got on a plane for the first time, went on a cruise ship for the first time, and got to see the Gaither’s play live, along with many other of her favorite musicians. Lorraine had the trip of a lifetime alongside her son, one she will remember for years to come

Special Thanks –  Inspiration Cruises & Tours