Jacob Bondt, 76

Jacob Bondt immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1959. He is a family man through and through, and his heart is as big as you can imagine.

For the past four years, Jacob has spent most of his time indoors being a full-time caregiver to his wife, and has always gone the extra mile for those around him. Jacob has had three open heart surgeries and has multiple stents in his heart, and despite the challenges he has been faced with, he is a bright light for everyone.

With time not on his side, and having not gone anywhere or done anything with his wife in almost 5 years, it meant the world to Jacob to have his lifelong dream of flying in a helicopter come true. Thanks to our friends at Vision Air Services Inc. who flew Jacob and his wife over Halifax and Dartmouth’s beautiful shorelines!

Quoted from Jacob “…this experience gives seniors more energy and a willingness to live and not feel that they are forgotten.”

Video CreditThree Six Five Media

Special Thanks – Vison Air Services