Barbara Weatherbie, 93

Barbara Weatherbie, 93, has always been a lover of nature and has always enjoyed and cared for the beauty of the world around her. Her daughter even chuckles that she would have been a “tree hugger” as it has been devastating to watch the clearing of forestland around her.

Barbara’s wish for many years has been to admire the Marshy Hope area and all of its beauty from the sky. Viewing the beautiful, lush colours of the fall leaves was something she had only ever dreamed of, until now, thanks to Vision Air Services Inc.

Mrs. Weatherbie has been through many hardships these past few years, including the passing of her husband. Although she would have loved to have experienced this with him, she was overjoyed to be accompanied by a few special guests, including her older sister Blanche (photographed left). Barbra and Blanche not only saw colours of the fall foliage, but they also waved at passengers on the ferry to Prince Edward Island, and flew over the farm they grew up on as young girls.

She believes it was her late husband who broke the clouds and let the sun shine in during her flight that day.

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