Mary MacNeil, 90

Meet Mary MacNeil, 90, who is a true light in the eyes of her family and friends. Mary spent most of her life caring for the needs of others, never asking for, or expecting, anything in return. Having gone through many hardships in her life, Mary was always a hard worker who never complained and never wavered on her positive outlook on life.

Despite the many obstacles life has thrown her way, Mary’s granddaughter states that she continues to “inspire others daily with her optimism, selflessness, and courage”. Mary is full of wonder and is a firm believer in learning as much as possible about the world around you so, when Mary found out she would have the opportunity to fulfill a wish to get up in a helicopter and take in the beautiful scenery of the Cape Breton Highlands, she was thrilled!

Video Credit – Alka Films

Special ThanksBreton Air Inc.