Victor Althiem, 78

Victor goes on an expedition along the Bay of Fundy

For over 2 decades, Victor has dreamed of revisiting his favorite hobby and go on a rockhounding expedition along the shore of Amethyst Cove, Bay of Fundy with his son. Amethyst Cove holds a special place in his heart but, over time, the area’s difficult shore access has become a barrier for Victor to continue his trips to the place he truly cherishes.

A rockhounding expedition at that particular shore location left him with a curious spiritual energy, a sense of calm and being one with nature. From that day forward he longed to return to that location – a life-time longing that he was finally able to experience. This adventure he was able to experience with his son was one of sharing a common interest of Geological exploration, with a passion at the level of heart and soul. A bonding experience for father and son which was evident throughout the entire venture.

Video Credit – New Brooklyn Media