John Johnston, 72

John fulfills dream of attending a NASCAR race with his sons in New Hampshire

John was always the guy in the neighbourhood that every kid went to see to pump up their bike tire or fix their bike, something his sons are quite proud of him for. He has always loved cars, racing, and spending time with his sons who he always dreamt of attending NASCAR races with in New Hampshire. After many years of dreaming, his wish finally came true. When asked about his experience his response was “I would like to say a BIG thank you to WAY. I had a dream come true to see a NASCAR race with my sons. We had a true VIP experience all the way, great seats, pit passes, and quality time together for 5 days. I will always remember the roar the engines made during that race. I am still smiling, and laugh often telling friends the experience I had.”

Video Credit – Third Valve Creative