Colleen Tanner, 73

Colleen fulfills her lifelong dream to ride on a Zamboni.

As a child, Colleen was told that she would never ride a Zamboni because it was only for boys. But that didn’t stop Colleen from dreaming. She said “I always felt that being a girl there wouldn’t be a chance that I would get on the Zamboni. I thought it was a guy thing, because it was a guy sport, and that’s the way it was. It seemed every time I went to the hockey game, I had to be watching the Zamboni hoping I would get on it someday!” Lucky for Colleen, she told this story to the right person because her wish finally came true thanks to a fellow hockey grandmother who nominated her for this wish. A wish that Colleen will never forget.

Video Credit – New Brooklyn Media

Special Thanks – Halifax Mooseheads & The Scotiabank Centre