Step 1: A senior, or someone on their behalf, submits a wish through our online application here
Step 2: We Are Young’s volunteer wish committee evaluates each wish to ensure the wish meets the mandatory criteria. If the individual does not meet the mandatory criteria, you will be notified by our team.
Step 3: If the wish meets mandatory criteria, a We Are Young representative will connect with you to schedule a brief interview. This phone/video call will allow us to gather more information about the nominated senior and provide us with more details of their wish request.
Please note that the nominated senior must be present on the call and can confirm the wish they have been nominated for. *This call does not confirm your wish has been accepted. 
Step 4: Following the interview, We Are Young will then determine whether or not the wish can be fulfilled.
Step 5: You will be notified if We Are Young can or can not support your wish request. If We Are Young can support your wish request, the planning stages of your wish will begin.
Although we are encouraged by the increasing number of wish applications that are submitted, we are unable to support every request we receive and therefore coordinate wishes the best we can based on feasibility, urgency, and wish logistics.