The Butterfly Effect

This year, 3000 of our origami butterflies

were distributed to seniors in Nova Scotia!

The Butterfly Effect

In honour of National Seniors Day and Treaty Day on October 2021, WAY, partnered with RBC, and RBC employees to create the “The Butterfly Effect”. A concept that was created to encourage more conversation to be had amongst generations, and, in turn, more wisdom to be shared. Going back to our core mission to help change the way society views and values our oldest generation.
This campaign has given RBC employees the opportunity to make origami butterflies that have been presented to thousands of seniors across Nova Scotia. These butterflies symbolize the trials, tribulations, and challenges that seniors have overcome to arrive at a place of grace, beauty, and wisdom. It was our hope that, upon receiving these butterflies, they would be encouraged to share their words of wisdom for the caterpillars still trying to find their WAY. Follow the map below to hear what some of our seniors had to share.
We look forward to doing this again in 2022!

In Partnership With

RBC recognizes the importance of building strong relationships within their communities, and we are honoured that they have chosen to support this initiative. We can’t thank RBC employees enough for helping We Are Young get thousands of origami butterflies into the hands of our seniors this past fall.